What is wellness design and why it matters to you and your business?

Why wellness matters to you and your business?

What is wellness? It as a balanced state for your physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social and occupational wellbeing.

Why is it so important? We spend 93% of our time within an enclosed space. The public are much more aware now, how their lifestyle choices, including the spaces they use, can impact their physical and mental health and want to manage and control that outcome.

The relevance to us? We know buildings can affect us physically and mentally, we know they can affect our stress levels and our productivity. In order to attract the best talent, ensure optimal performance and retain staff, providing a fully integrated wellness offer is now crucial. 

What is wellness design? It is putting the building’s user’s mental and physical well-being at the ‘heart’ of your offer. This is through the provision of optimal levels of light, air quality, water, and planting, coupled with the way in which the building is operated, and finally providing a sound harmonious interior design.

The synergistic impact of this tripartite relationship can have a profound positive impact on the user.