"What do we know now about the changing needs of the market?

70% of office space is currently not being used by city workers
59% of employees say they do not want to work more than 2 days in the office per week 
43 out of 50 of the UK’s largest businesses said they will not return to the office full time

The industry has identified ‘wellness’ as being at the heart of this change and that it can create spaces that people will want to come back to and keep coming back to as the benefits are felt. Health will be a dominant factor in people’s lives, a key driver in workplace selection and attracting talent. Only 10% of workers globally have access to workplace wellness programs.

What is a wellness design? It’s simple, whatever your project, it is about an approach that puts the wellbeing of those using the building at the centre of the design. It could be a next generation technology-driven wellness and health facility with 24/7 care and support as part of your overall staff welfare or a more building-wide investment in wellness features to support the mental and physical health of the returning workforce.

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